Top 6 Manchester Attractions

Cloud 23

You have heard a lot about Manchester’s amazing attractions and points of interests. You have watched movies that depict the pictures of its fashionable squares and fine restaurants where lovers rekindle their love. Now it’s time to embark upon a trip to Manchester and get around some of the most important points of interests and create some great memories.

Manchester Sea Life Centre:

Imagine you are spending an afternoon with some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Isn’t cool? As you make an entry to the Manchester Sea Life Centre, you will basically be surrounded by thousands of marine creatures including octopus, seahorse, shark, etc.

Museum of Science and Industry:

If there are people in your group fascinated by science or you are interested in experiencing something little different, visiting Museum of Science and Industry seems to be a great idea. The museum has ingredients to captivate anyone and everyone. Roaming in the museum will bequeath you with experience that is hard to erase. Museum of Science and Industry is completely dedicated to the development of technology, science and industry of Manchester.

Cloud 23:

Though not a tourist spot, Cloud 23 merits a mention here. Set in the iconic Beetham Tower on the 23th floor, Cloud 23, a bar from Hilton hotel, offers not only the most picturesque views of the city, but also fine dining in a friendly environment. Style, elegance, opulence and sophistication – you will have them all combined at Cloud 23. Enjoy champagne of a lifetime and capture the moment to cherish for the rest of your life.

Manchester Cathedral:

Located on the Irwell banks is the majestic Manchester Cathedral that dates back to the fifteenth century. Raised to church status in the 1847, the cathedral is magnificently decorated with choir-stalls.

Manchester Gay Village:

You want to visit the famous gay village? Why not be accompanied by a sexy, gorgeous escort in Manchester to clarify doubts that you are not gay? Manchester Gay Village is a major spot for gay travellers from across the world.


You need not be a Chinese to visit Chinatown and witness its colourful and vibrant homes. Chinatown is said to be one of the well-recognised Chinese communities in the world. Shops, restaurants and bars here mainly offer superb culinary delicacies from Beijing and Hong Kong. The best way to explore the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art is to have a Chinese companion. Shush Manchester Escorts offers girls from Chinese communities too. The Manchester escort agency will certainly help you find the right girl.

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